Why work with a travel agent?

Working with an agent is more than time savings and added value.

Industry Access

It is all about relationships. As an affiliate of Smart Flyer, a full-service travel agency catering to high-end corporate and leisure travelers worldwide. Specializing in luxury hotels and resorts, this extensive industry network allows negotiated preferred partnership amenities, upgrades and VIP status for the distinguished client base. As a member of Virtuoso, Kristin has access to the best in travel, with a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners – top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more.

Global Insight

The travel market is always evolving and requires constant monitoring. I communicate daily with colleagues, suppliers, and my traveling clients to ensure I have precise and current details on properties, destinations, and services. Trends change, properties age, and perceptions adjust, therefore each trip is tailored, based off the client’s current needs.


I value my clients time and expenses equally. I thrive on only adding value to travel through honest discourse with clients through my access to industry intel, preferred partnerships, and accessible benefits offered by my global contacts I consider friends.

Client Relationships

By developing personal and confidential relationships with clients. A relationship built on trust, honesty, and eventually history ensures travel plans are detailed to individuals’ preferences and style. New clients are required to schedule a complementary 30-minute call prior to kicking off a trip, to ensure understanding between everyone involved. Travel is extremely personal and subjective; therefore, I ask to get to know my clients prior to commencing travel plans. I ask in return; they keep an open and honest communication line with myself.


Time is a commodity, especially now. Time saved in the planning phases, as well as ensuring efficient travel plans is extreme value that I cherish for my clients.  I remain only an email or call away from clients, eliminating call hold times, reducing search hours on google, and easing moments of doubt.   Clients are left with the satisfaction of savoring the moment.


My entry-level travel services do NOT incur fees or added expenses. Through my partnerships and affiliations, I offer the best available rate in addition to having access to unique promotions and perks for my clients. Perks typically include added value like complementary breakfast, resort or hotel credits, complimentary upgrades, VIP status, and more.

Elevated services do incur a travel designing fee, to manage the non-commissionable components of your travels. This is an up-front fee that covers research, planning, securing confirmations, and travel assistance and more, to be further detailed. Travel planning, especially post-covid, requires a high level of service to monitor the ever-changing adjustments the industry is facing, to make sure I can provide clients my best possible service.

The tourism industry is highly competitive and ever changing. We only book with contacts we know and trust through our networks. That means, the hotels we work with will do everything in their ability to take care of our clients, so in turn, we share the positive experience with my future clients and team of 200 international Smart Flyer Agents. In the travel industry, commission is paid to agents from the suppliers (hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, etc.). My clients will only owe fees for services performed for a pre-negotiated rate that both myself and the client agree on, prior to commencement of service. More about fees here.

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