What is the booking process?

Selling tailored travel experiences, from weekend getaways to international globetrotting, I have done it all. Ready to get started? Contact me to request a new client form and to schedule our first call.

Trip Consultation

I require all new clients to schedule a 30-minute consultation call, after completing a new client form. I ensure all client relationships are built on understanding and trust from the beginning. Once all individuals establish the relationship is a good fit, then we proceed with the next steps. Otherwise, I provide direction and advice for clients needing an alternative route.

Trip Planning

For standard trips, I typically offer three to four rounds of options and/or itineraries. If a trip begins to take too many alternative courses, we will regroup on a call to discuss steps to “land the plane”. This is typically the stage I really get to know my clients and their preferred style of travel. Once this is established, everything moves quickly.

Trip Management

Once travel plans are secured; I work with clients to keep them organized and up to date on their arrangements. This includes a custom online and mobile itinerary, trip reminders, payment reminders, international travel reminders, and much more.

Follow Up

Upon returning, all clients will hear from me and be given an opportunity to update and advise me on their travels. Any likes and dislikes are logged in the clients travel portfolio and used for future travel plans to ensure efficient travel planning and satisfied expectations for future trips.

We were so worried about our first trip with the kids overseas. Having multiple food allergies, it was going to be a challenge. With Kristin by our side, we not only had a fabulous vacation, but it was also safe. We had priority contact with the hotel management and chefs to make sure we could eat safely. I would highly recommend Kristin Diehl. Can’t wait for our next trip!

DMB, July 21, 2019

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