About the Arctic Tern

Those passionate about travel are constantly migrating to new areas yet appreciate revisiting various destinations. This instinctive drive to experience global culture, gives appreciation to the many amazing animal migrations. Did you know the, small but fierce, Arctic tern makes the longest migration in the world? Their annual round trip meet distance of 71000 kilometers. During migration they travel from Arctic circle to Antarctic region and flies back every year. In that way Arctic tern sees more day light than any other creatures on Earth, also sees two summers per year. Now, that I my kind of summer.

The Arctic tern will start the migration in the month of September every year, follows ‘S pattern during migration. They roughly touch the coastlines of Europe and Africa during their extreme migration. They will spend few months in Antarctic region, molting of feathers also take place at that time. At end of winter they return back to Arctic region.

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