Kristin Diehl, Travel Advisor’s personal take on trip insurance and medical memberships

Understanding Trip Insurance and Medical Memberships, especially in the times of COVID-19.

Travel is about experiences. From something new to something revisited, travel creates memories worth a lifetime. While traveling, it is usually the unexpected that can be the most memorable. Maybe accidently popping into a dive bar for directions and then spending the afternoon with locals. Or a tour you are not feeling up for, turning into an eye-opening experience you remember every time you think of Italy. What about the times spent laughing over misunderstandings that ended you in family-owned kitchen, where you decided to stay and help with dinner?

Yet what many people fear about travel is the same, the unexpected that can cause physical or financial injury. Especially these days, as we navigate travel with the global battle against COVID-19, those that choose to travel need to understand their options. Since insurance and medical memberships are beneficial domestically and internationally, there are many reasons to consider your options. First, you must understand that there are different types and levels of insurance for medical and financial needs. As always, your friendly travel advisor is here to help!

What are some options?

Trip Cancellation Insurance and Post-Departure Insurance,
Global Medical Transport, Travel Security & Crisis Response Membership,
COVID-19 Coverage and Evacuation, &
Adventure and Remote Destination Evacuation

Since I not an insurance professional and can only quote policy while providing general information, due to the state insurance department regulations. I am happy to explain what I am personally using for travel protection, especially in the times of COVID-19, and what I personally value as benefits for my needs. For detailed questions concerning benefits, exclusions, or conditions, please ask to be connected to the appropriate insurance professional.

Feeling overwhelmed by options?

If you are considering your options, email me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to review your needs, so I can connect you with the appropriate provider. Note that terms, coverages, and pricing are subject to change and the options below are based off my personal needs and reasoning.

Let’s take a closer look at what I use and why.

Arch RoamRight

Trip Cancellation Insurance and Post-Departure Insurance.

I keep my family covered on the annual plan with Arch RoamRight to cover all our post-departure insurance and a minimal trip cancellation amount. This means, I am offered year-round coverage for most notably baggage loss or delays, missed connections, and emergency accident and sickness medical coverage while traveling, among MANY others benefits. I keep their base coverage for up to $2,500 per person in trip cancellation coverage, meaning if I have to cancel a trip for a covered reason and I have up to $2,500 per person in financial loss, Arch RoamRight will reimburse me once the claim is properly processed. I also have the option to purchase additional trip cancellation insurance throughout the year. Once I start traveling more, I will likely increase my base trip cancellation insurance on my annual plan.

Why do I value this policy?
• If I am traveling with my young kids, and someone gets an ear infection or breaks an arm abroad, I can process medical bills with Arch RoamRight’s claims department, as well as any trip delay or interruption costs.
• If I test positive with COVID-19 prior to travel, my trip cancellation is covered, with a physician’s note.
• If my Aunt or direct family member (sorry cousins, not you) becomes ill, prior to my trip with an illness (including COVID-19), my trip cancellation is covered.

Pricing: An individual annual plan, depending on trip coverage allowance from $2,500 to $10,000 per traveler will cost between $192 and $574. Pricing above applies to an unlimited number of trips, each trip up to a maximum of 30 days, at least 100 miles or more from your Primary Residence.


Global Medical Transport, Travel Security & Crisis Response Membership

Medjet offeres two types of coverage, Assist and Horizon, for short term or annual memberships. I keep an annual family membership for MedjetHorizon. Medjet is the premier air medical transport membership program for travelers. If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home (domestic or international), Medjet will arrange air medical transport all the way back to your hospital of choice in your hometown — regardless of medical necessity. Most travel insurances and platinum card benefits programs will get you to the “nearest acceptable facility”, Medjet gets you all the way home. MedjetHorizon adds travel security and crisis response services.

Why do I value this membership?
• With Horizon, if I am in New Orleans (I live an hour away in Baton Rouge) and I am hospitalized, Medjet will transport me to my preferred hospital and I don’t have to run anything through my insurance.
• If I am traveling abroad, and a country quickly changes their policy over COVID-19 or another pandemic, forcing airports or boarders to close, Medjet will transport me home.
• If I am traveling stateside or to Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, or Mexico, and I am hospitalized and testing positive for COVID-19, Medjet will transport me to my home hospital.

Pricing: Memberships vary from an 8-day individual MedjetAssist Membership at $99 to an annual family plan with MedjetHorizon for $578. Purchasing a 2 up to 5-year plan comes with added savings.


All-expense paid medical transport back to home city in the case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis (even without hospitalization) while traveling internationally.

A COVAC GLOBAL Membership is for individuals and families that provides coverage, should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling, to immediately get home for care and treatment. Upon feeling symptomatic, traveler will contact the 24/7 COVAC Team. COVAC will arrange and schedule traveler’s COVID-19 test. Upon testing positive, client will immediately be transferred home in medical transport and includes full suite of 24/7/365 travel risk and assistance services.

Why do I value this membership?
• If I am in Mexico with my husband, and we have symptoms of COVID-19, we can swiftly get tested, by placing once phone call to COVAC to arrange. If we are positive, but do not need hospitalization, we can quickly get home to our family and the comfort of our home THAT DAY.
Therefore, we do not run the risk of unknowingly spreading the virus or the fear of having to quarantine in another country.

Individual Membership, 15 Travel Days $675.00 // 30 Travel Days $995.00
2 Person Family, 15 Travel Days $1,295.00 // 30 Travel Days $1,850.00
3 Person Family, 15 Day Travel $1985.00 // 30 Travel Days $2,795.00
Traveler will owe for COVID-19 test in country (estimate $100).

Last, I will mention Redpoint’s Ripcord Insurance. This beneficial for adventure travelers. Ripcord provides medical transport from site of emergency home combined with premier travel insurance coverage. So, if you travel remote locations or developing countries WITHOUT immediate access to quality emergency medical services (ambulances), then Ripcord could be a full policy for all your needs.

One more time…

If you are considering your options, email me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to review your needs, so I can connect you with the appropriate provider. Note that terms, coverages, and pricing are subject to change and the options below are based off my personal needs and reasoning.

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