St. Lucia Honeymoon

Here is a preview of my process to tailor make the perfect trips for my clients.

My favorite clients are the ones that know exactly what they want but don’t know where they want to go. Working as a travel advisor, I have access to up-to-date information and can organize and compile destination information on the fly. Otherwise, all the information can be overwhelming. When a client knows what they are looking for, I can help them find the perfect fit for their holiday!23294888

Recently I have been planning a November honeymoon. My clients knew they wanted the Caribbean, romance, luxury, and above all a killer villa with a private plunge pool. Immediately I knew the answer for their request, but worked with them to make sure I provided a sample of options to verify we settled on the perfect fit.

To start, I always look at flights. I do not want my clients wasting a full day in airports when a much similar destination is a direct flight away. A departure city can frequently determine your destination, especially in the Caribbean. Going somewhere for more than a week? That changes things.downloadable-route-map-696x201

Next, I find a variety of hotels to make sure I understand how the client likes to travel. Is it traditional or modern rooms? Is it luxury all the way or a little bit of bohemian glamping?

For my recent honeymooners, we quickly realized that Sugar Beach was the perfect spot for them. Once the resort was selected we made sure their villa was a perfect fit, that the all-inclusive package would be the superior deal, and that the dates of travel were all perfectly aligned.

vsb-beach-1208-1280x720Sugar Beach is the ultimate honeymoon destination. Each villa has a private plunge pool. The All-inclusive package is an amazing deal and eases the stress of resort pricing. The lush green landscape and towering backdrop of St. Lucia is absolutely breathtaking.

I have no doubt these clients will have honeymoon perfection, which only leaves one question…

Where do you want to go?

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