Why Work with an Agent

Why work with an Agent?

Help managing costs through insider access

Thanks to the Smart Flyer network, I have global contacts. Therefore, big travel companies also give us access to special deals and discounts that you normally can’t find yourself by searching on Expedia, Priceline, Booking.com, or any of the other online travel agencies and meta-search sites. Not to mention the added perks of being flagged a VIP. Once booked under an agent, hotels will spoil you to ensure a positive review back to the Smart Flyer team. Enjoy room upgrades, free meals, hotel credits, and more.

Up-to-date information

Travel agents are privy to industry knowledge and experience to make sure their client’s travel is of the utmost quality. We only book with contacts we know and trust through our networks. Clients are never booked with a hotel, transfer service, or tour guide that has not been vetted by the Smart Flyer Team. We monitor all of our contacts through regular site visits and shared customer feedback. I have eyes and ears worldwide keeping me updated.

Time saving

Your time is valuable and travel planning can be overwhelming. Plus, I love doing it! Clients who book independently typically frequent the same locations. Let me make sure you have the best options to choose from. Let’s be honest, the internet can have an overwhelming amount of information for new travel. I can help you take the road less traveled.

Tangible and reliable travel assistance

From hotels to transportation (air and ground), I have you covered. Booking through the Smart Flyer Air service, you never have to worry about delayed or missed flights. Our team is available to reschedule and handle your itinerary without you being on hold with the airlines! Our contacts on the ground can accommodate any needs or changes to your plans. Plus, we have teams ready to handle International issues with visas and customs


How are agents paid?

For the most part, agents make the majority of their money on commissions paid to them by hotels, airlines, tour operators, and cruise ships. The tourism industry is highly competitive and ever changing. We only book with contacts we know and trust through our networks. That means, the hotels we work with will do everything in their ability to take care of our clients, so in turn, we share the positive experience with my future clients and team of 200 international Smart Flyer Agents.
There is an option for my concierge services, such as booking airline tickets, making hard-to-get restaurant reservations, getting event tickets, or securing rooms in smaller independent hotels that, unlike large international chains, don’t pay commissions to agents.

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