Pack & Sail

I am asked a lot about sailing trips in the Virgin Islands. It is one of my favorite types of trips. Most travelers make the mistake of over packing. Let me walk you through some of the essentials.

What to pack.

Most obvious, is a versatile cover up. Something you feel comfortable in lounging on the boat or shopping around town. Remember, even the beach towns require proper coverage while shopping and dinning. Bring your shoes and properly cover up when getting off the boat. White Bay on Jost van Dyke and other obvious locations are an exception.

Cover Ups.


You know you will need swim attire, but be bold and bring a statement suit. Even if it is a modest choice.

Statement Swim


I am a sucker for button up shirts, especially when sailing. Dressing up for a dinner on island, shopping in town, and lounging on the boat always calls for the perfect button up. Go traditional, add some SPF, or have fun. Obviously I’m a fan of classic white and stripes.

Button Up

There will be a lot of lounge time on the boat, especially early morning when you wake and want out of your cabin. Do yourself and your boat mates a favor by packing appropriate fitness and lounge attire. I suggest linen pants and a lot of Lulu. Your fitness can be duel for active hiking days or water sports!


Last, there are items you always need for a warm, beach destination…

Don’t Forget

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